On Fraudulent Crafted Legacies of Celebrities by the Media Machine and the Desperation of the Masses

Beyonce gave Met Gala 2019 a miss for THIS reason?
Beyoncé in 2019/Instagram Beyoncé. Though her delusional fans love to attack people in the virtual world, probably due to lack of confidence, Knowles is a part of a generation of singers who were hyped by the Hollywood machine due to political and cultural alliances to help corrupt American politicians advance their agenda. She has no classics, only a couple of hits and has never managed to reinvent music on her own. Outside of the media sphere, Beyoncé’s success can not stand on its own.

None of your celebrities and singers have real power. They are apart of a well crafted system designed to create an illusion of power when relying on the same secured foundations aimed to help old American politicians further their political agenda and ideologies. Wikipedia can write an extensive page about the impact of Beyoncé in modern day society, outside of the virtual world, no one sees Beyoncé imitators dancing in the streets as we keep spotting random Michael Jackson imitators from the different MJ era dance in the corners with white socks on. In an era of confusion, it is more than important to understand it. Social media power is not real power. In the normal world many of us still live in, nobody will hurt you if you claim Beyoncé is not exceptional. Yet, the Internet has become the space which gathers all the different forms of toxicity, including lost people in the real world who can claim millions of followers in the virtual sphere they created.

Lady Gaga and the Power of Makeup | Cover Story October 2019 | Allure
Lady Gaga for Allure in 2019/ Her success was crafted by the media machine as she will have no longevity in the years to come

Recently, the now infamous improbable debacle between Candice Owens and Cardi B on Twitter was more than tragic. Especially when the 28 year old rapper boasted proudly about her millions of followers claiming she had enough power to tell her minions to go vote for Biden. Her delusion and lack of intelligence when understanding the hierarchy of power also made her believe politicians cared about her having number one songs in the charts.

Dolly Parton & Katy Perry To Play 2019 GRAMMYs | GRAMMY.com
Katy Perry was one of the worst musical acts of the past decade. Her music was generic with no depth. She will not be remembered despite her number ones. No one is able to sing one of her songs./Instagram Katy Perry

The 2010s were the worst musical decade of the last thirty years and the musical pop acts chosen by the industry as the new faces of musical advancement were always mediocre in terms of musicality. An untalented woman like Rita Ora, with no ability to create anything new, found a way to become a celebrity only through her unique ability: claiming to love Beyoncé and parading. The success of the likes of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Usher, Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, Cardi B or Ariana Grande were never the consequence of total hard work at all. None of these brands mentioned above are creative or will have an everlasting impact on the music industry and in our social lives in the decades to come. The Generation Z is no longer relevant and the Generation Alpha, though babies, will never have any interest in Beyoncé, Gaga or Usher in the years to come. These celebs only represent the improbable narcissistic culture of the self displayed by social media. They never created any classic, new cultural waves, never changed the game but somehow had the good PR relations to seals their place in the media. Indeed, their fame was fraudulent and crafted by the media themselves. If a transition could be observed regarding the passage from the 1990s era towards the 2010s, the power of the media in the West became harder over the years, especially through the progress of the Internet.

Give Madonna a break. There are many different ways to age in 2020
Madge was the original mother of the mediocrity we see in pop music today. She was the one to open the door to the wave of “famous for no reason” as she promoted the idea that only shock and a good PR team to manipulate the media could give one longevity. She is now miserable after having sold her soul and body and needs to pay younger men to have sex with her. Out of desperation/Madonna Instagram

The media in the West are led by disposable submitted branches whose people submit to moguls linked to politicians. If the masses are not stimulated to understand the hierarchy of powers (it is even worst for black Westerners), many still believe that celebrities of our time have a say in their career and actual power. In reality, by the late 2000s, the industry put an end to the notion of real creative freedom as artists who signed in had no other choice but to be a part of a conglomerate with the purpose of serving basic political interests. Entertainers have no power at all and are just used by politicians to advance their agenda upon the masses.

Yet, the more control displayed by the media the more stupid the masses. Indeed, in a matter of fifteen years, the progress of technology did favor the slow erasure of common sense, the preservation of the souls and a clear dependence of exploited individuals by the daily machine of capitalism who are now relying on celebrities. Yes. Modern day Westerners have mentally regressed and have been greatly infantilized, especially the minorities. They no longer think for themselves but are animated by emotions, swinging between anger or improbable display of love towards their favorite celebrities.

Lauryn Hill's 'Miseducation' Earns Diamond Award | Rap-Up
Lauryn Hill (pictured) and Brandy Norwoord, would be the last two great RNB/Soul innovators of the last years./Photo: RAP UP

The notion of success one has today would be linked to the number of awards given to Beyoncé or Adèle, when in reality, such perception is fraudulent and fabricated by the media whose journalists have, in a matter of twenty years, managed to influence the thoughts of a sleeping mass dying in ignorance. In that sense, the machine of traditional media, through magazines and traditional television, along with the social media platforms and paid bloggers/vloggers, and the award ceremonies have the opportunity to elevate any brand to the top of the mountains and so even when the “artist” never created anything new at all. Actually, real creativity is no longer at the center as most modern artists are rewarded for their influence in the little microcosm created by Hollywood and social media. In that sense, that would explain why nobody remembers any song released by Beyoncé in 2015, outside of her delusional fanbase. Or why no one can sing one line of a Lady Gaga song whose production is forgettable.

The machine is well organized and can last for up to twelve years, yet, the conception of success will always go back to the traditional aspect of it, as many do not understand why Beyoncé can receive so many awards and have works forgotten two years after the hype?

The problem relies in the fact that the prosperity of social media in the early 2010s marked a deep crisis regarding the human experience in the West. The brutality of capitalism literally crushed the minds of the masses as millions of Westerners have been dealing with the dissociation of their selves so as to Kim Kardashian their existence. The obsession towards the applications and the desire to live through Instagram celebrities or to use these applications to become celebrities when the individuals have no particular talent,

Since the passing of music legend Michael Jackson in 2009, the Western world entered its first era of musical mediocrity. The likes of Jackson in the past had to work twice as hard to make it and open doors. However, the members of the younger generation were always spoiled and given everything. Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Usher or Christina Aguilera never had to fight for nothing, not even in the slutiness as Madonna already did it all in 1991.

It was common at the time to even hear people remarking, upon the passing of Jackson, that his spiritual transition felt like the end of an era. Which was true. The last great decade of music, the 1990s (and its 00s extension up until 2006) had been already crushed from within by several factors. Though we consider the 90s to be the golden age of creativity as we grew up in that era or were children during these glorious days, it was no longer not as authentic as the previous eras, when it comes to music. Indeed, if the political world we are living in was shaped in 1947, the technological life we have today is the consequence of foundations laid in the 1980s. By the late 1989, the technification of music and sound had already begun to take away the authentic feeling displayed when one heard the sound of an instrument. By the time, the intrusion of the media, before the arrival of Twitter and censorship would favor manipulation of an artist they could either destroy or make and such evil tactics had long been denounced by Jackson himself in songs such as Tabloid Junkie. The only link between the audience and the celebrities were either the shows, the music (lyrics) or the mass media, including television.

However, despite the technification of sounds, artists in the 1990s had no other choice but to display excellence and hard work as most music legends were still alive at the time such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin or Luciano Pavarotti. Whether in modelling with the supermodels (Linda, Christy, Naomi, Claudia and Cindy), sport or music, celebrities had to work to value their crafts. But one specific person contributed to the downfall and mediocre music we are used to listen to today when she released her first album in 1983. Madonna was the one who broke the rule. She was not beautiful, could not sing or dance particularly well but she understood how to manipulate image, scandal and maintain sensationalism through the exploitation of the media machine. Even known as a thief she was, and always clever enough when she surrounded herself by a great team of writers, Madge somehow worked, when not stealing ideas from others. However, the association of her mediocre path to success, the impact of technology, the laziness of the younger generation whose doors had already been opened by the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson or Janet and Whitney created the improbable musical situation we have now.

The audience actually loves simplicity and authenticity. Though she was never an amazing vocalist, Rihanna, who came later than Beyoncé, managed to touch more people over the years as she was relatable and approachable. Her lack of vocal talent made her much more available to the eyes of the audience. The obsession for perfection is one thing, but sometimes, being real and raw has more impact upon the population than perfection itself.

Yet, the covid 19 epidemic we are still going through has shaken our world and forced us, somehow to go back to reality and try to analyze life. If old and aging Madonna took a bath in her luxurious home to talk about the disease being the “great equalizer”, the ongoing lessons given by rich Hollywood superstars when social and political crisis are plaguing the West, have annoyed millions of social media users who are also angry with the real censorship of the GAFA and their domination of the market.

Worst, as the moment we speak in 2021, the targeted population by Hollywood regarding the elevation of crafted successes through the likes of Katy Perry or Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande is no longer important in the spectrum of consumption. Indeed, the Generation Z is dying. The members of that generation never experienced any cultural impact, never showed any particular interest in social revolution, unless it was digital and made to flex on the gram, and never had any real political or anthem to represent their youth. They were a sacrificed generation of failure. In the years to come, it is more than possible that the system of Hollywood ends up partially abolished. Indeed, if life in the normal world remains chaotic, nobody will tolerate the disdain of millionaires living in Beverly Hills, especially when the latest like to give lessons to common, struggling people.

The 2010s were not based on anything real but were the symbol of the media domination in every sphere and the manipulation of their agents.

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