How black employees at HOT97 knew about Paddy Duke’s (Pasquale Raucci) racist past and never did anything to expose him

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Yusuf Hawkins/Credit:Hawkins’family

Sometimes I wonder if Black people enjoy being killed, attacked, robbed, disrespected and dominated by the same people they claim they want to resist against? It is no secret. HOT97 administrative workers knew and heard about Raucci’s past and they never did anything. How many of these same employees were at the front during the anti-racist protests of the last years, how many have posted words about resistance and fight against authority, how many have falsely promoted ideas related to the support of black owned businesses, how many? And yet, these same employees who had known for years that a lyncher, a racist murderer had been involved in the gruesome and disgusting murder of handsome and sixteen year old Yusuf Hawkins in 1989, was walking in their building, being mentioned by rappers and invited to appear in Angie Martinez’s videos in the late 1990s and early 00s?

Black people, it is true, have always wanted to play the card of the innocent when they have not one single amount of self-respect enough to preserve the memory of their own who died at the hands of racist pieces of trash. It’s not like Yusuf Hawkins was the only one. If happened before and after. Emmett Till in 1955 (and the thousand others unknown Emmetts who have been lynched since the 17th century), Latasha Harlins, in the early 90s, Tamir Rice and Trayvon Martin and yet nothing changes at all. Why? Because black people are only pro-black in thoughts but never in action. They protect their agressors and colonizers more than they protect themselves and have no sense of self-respect.

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Pasquale Raucci/Paddy Duke

Jessica Krug was also suspected of being a fraud yet, African-American women still felt compassionate enough not to interrogate her and do research on her background. The black women who met het, had been more protective of her so-called light-skinness than of their own selves. They bowed down to whiteness and their inability to react to such fraud revealed the mechanisms left by years of slavery. A slave was meant to protect the mind and well-being of his master first. The Jessica Krug case is not a case of victory for black women at all but a great humiliation from them. Indeed, it’s the Black Latinas who exposed her, not the Black Americans. And with Pasquale Raucci (Paddy Duke), the same motives operated. Black people are scared to denounce for fear of the consequences. They would doubt the words of one black individual but would accept to be lied to by any white male or female. Jessica Krug had no mental issues. She is a sociopath and a vile racist, colonizer who had successfully lied and entered a community where she was treated like a queen. If the Rachel Dolezal case had happened once, it could have happened and should have remained a unique case, yet, Jessica Krug reveals that not one single work of introspection has been done by the members of the community at all regarding their obsession with the inclusion of suspicious looking individuals.

If the white executives in the early 90s, -Judy Ellis was in charge of such task- knew about Raucci’s past and protected him out of their racist white brotherhood ways then these people in charge at the time need to be prosecuted and interrogated. Yet, it is black people who gave Raucci/Duke a safe space to invade and made himself feel at home. It’s black people who laughed with him and took him under their wings. Jay-Z, a major sell out to corporations and the principles of Aleister Crowley along with his two-faced wife BeyoncĂ©, also appeared in a video dating back to the 90s along with Raucci. Blacks are often the greatest supporters of the lowest category of white people. The rejected foreigners are kings and queens in the black community, either in the US or in Western Europe. It is even worst in francophone Africa.

Therefore, the pro-black discourse is not only vain but false when the memory of Yusuf Hawkins has been disrespected, tarnished, dragged through the mud by the same community whose members held Raucci in high esteem.

The members at the radio station were clearly aware of the problem regarding Raucci. It is impossible that the head executives and members of the administration were not aware of such issue. According to some people working at the radio, Raucci had been working in HOT97 (then another name as the radio played mostly techno and dance in the beginning) in 1991, hence two shy years after the murder of Hawkins. The case had been heavily mentioned at the time in New-York and in the whole nation and the names of the suspects and convicted Italian criminals were also mentioned in the press. Therefore, the white executives at the time, thirty years ago, did do a favor to Raucci and hid his past on purpose. He was given the second chance Yusuf never had. Not one single mural or march could bring him back to life. Yet, though it was only in 1994 that Raucci would be fully employed at the station, becoming extremely friendly with Angie Martinez, (he appeared in the DEM THANGS video) his colleague, Dj Flex and many others.

All of them knew, according to Ed Star and the management knew. It was impossible for Angie Martinez not to be aware of the case and the participation of criminal Raucci/Paddy Duke. However, judging by his behavior, Paddy Duke had no regrets at all. If he did, he would have never attempted to hide his past and would have spoken out against racism and even created associations to denounce white supremacy and racism. He would have done something. His desire to be apart of the hip-hop culture and movement was a bigger insult to Yusuf Hawkins’ memory for people like Raucci behave like the slave masters. They have the authority to kill you and then create their own space in your territory. Though it is true, HOT97 was never black-owned but a business belonging to the white corporations whose members made money on the back of black people, as usual.

Judging by the silence of Angie Martinez who refused to comment on the issue, it is more than probable that public figures knew about it but it also depends on Raucci’s approach on the matter. In this sense, the criminal Raucci/Duke not only took the life of Yusuf Hawkins but he was also the one to control the narrative. Indeed, according to mixed-race Ebro, Duke had told him eighteen years ago, in the early 00s that he had been “caught in” the middle of the murder of Yusuf Hawkins but claimed he had nothing to do with it. Ebro, like any other mixed-race individual who identifies as black was not suspicious at all and got along with that explanation. He didn’t even understand that a person eaten by the spirits of guilt can somehow give you a clue of their past all the while knowing you will never react and believe them. Laura Stylez claimed he never wanted to give his real name. It thus probably shows that Raucci lied and presented the story as being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The guys who ran after Hawkins and his brothers/friends were up to 40. His version sounded plausible. Yet, he gave a clue and confessed he was caught into the murder. Yes, Raucci confessed to Ebro and yet, NOBODY had tried to investigate at all. Martinez knew and probably believed him as she thought he truly was innocent then. It was not until the publication of the confession tapes from 1989 that people realised that Raucci had actually contributed to the murder.

Actually, it is more than important to understand the mindset behind the behavior of the killers and no matter what one says, Raucci was twenty at the time of the murder and was not a child but a young adult. Like many Sicilians and Italians from the East Coast, their racism and anti-blackness was rooted in the hatred of their own whiteness. As Southern Italians, they were always considered not to be as pure as the WASPs and for many Sicilians, beating up black people was a legitimate way to assert their whiteness and hold the narrative of racial purity. If Raucci, a young man at the time, had willingly participated in the lynching, then this means that such hatred had been fueled by his environement and parents himself like many others too. The racist motives had been nurtured for years, probably even before Yusuf was born. One does not wake up one day to assassinate a black man they don’t even know. They had hatred in them and Raucci/Paddy Duke has remained the same guy ever since. He was just living in disguise and never faced his own responsabilities.

The members of the radio should have automatically reacted at the thoughts and confessions made by Raucci/Duke. The little amount of doubts should have been evoked. A group of black and Caribbean people who worked for a white-owned station made to play black music for the youth were more interested in the protection and preservation of their image rather than the protection of their own safety. Those who knew and saw him laugh with them and never said nothing are not Hawkins’ side, but bowed down to the power the capital. They wanted to preserve the prestige of working at the radio and were too scared to speak about Yusuf Hawkins. This is how black people keep outsiders tarnishing the memory of their own. There was no one to check Raucci just like not one single black gangster today would have the courage to knock on the door of racist George Zimmerman, now walking as a free man. No one that the courage to knock on the door of racist Caroline Bryant, responsible for the murder of Emmett Till in 1955. No one. At all.

Black people have been ineffectively marching since the 1960s to demand rights and yet, they are the first to insult the memory of the victims killed by the horrific machine of white supremacy. Every single black murder or racist crime is an opportunity for egomaniac community leaders such as Al Sharpton and many others to deliver the same spheeches and display the same mannerisms without anything changes at all. Everytime the community allows anybody to be part of their clique, a potential hidden racist killer can come along the way. After the Storm Over Brooklyn documentary was released a few months ago, the Internet was shocked, and some clueless black employees from HOT 97 were surprised as they recognised the face of one of the mob killers. Was Pasquale Raucci (pronounce Ra-ou-tchi) Paddy Duke from HOT97? And if so, how come anybody ever exposed him after all these years? It’s not like the Italian-American murderer had been working here more than twenty years after the murder at all.

The silence of black workers who never had the courage to confront Raucci is the same silence they had towards Jessica Krug. Both individuals held a position of power and domination within the black community and those who knew were scared to confront both of them for fear of being fired from the world of academic or the radio station. They were protected by black people at the top, and it took a documentary to out a criminal who had been living off of black culture for more than twenty five years to do the job.

Yusuf died a night of August 1989, but black people killed him three times more. Raucci doesn’t deserve any second chance and has to live with the burden of this murder for the rest of his life.

All Rights Reserved, VKY

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